Comm Dis Department Raises Awareness for World Voice Day

In preparation for World Voice Day, April 16, the Communication Disorders Department is offering tips to keep voices vocally healthy.

The sound of a voice comes from the vocal folds in the larynx vibrating to create a “buzz,” with its source of power deriving from the respiratory system. Professional voice users include more than just singers and actors, pertaining also to sales people, teachers, clergy and counselors.

World Voice Day serves as a reminder to stay vocally healthy, such as staying hydrated and resting vocal cords. Other tips include using an adequate amount of breath while speaking, not overextending a voice by replacing volume with amplifiers and using good body alignment while speaking.

Voices can be damaged from smoking, medications with drying effects, clearing the throat or coughing, screaming, extensive talking, singing without a break or acid reflex.

For screenings and evaluations, as deemed appropriate, the Speech and Hearing Clinic is available at 660.785.7414. The clinic does not conduct voice therapy without an ENT evaluation of the larynx.

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