Facebook Sociology Survey

My name is Megan Dux, and I am a student here at Truman State University. I am conducting a study on students’ use of the social network site Facebook, and their feelings about maintaining and ending friendships on the site. While participation in the survey has no direct benefit for you, the information gained from the results could offer insight into people’s behaviors on social media, especially in terms of why they stay “friends” with individuals online whom they’ve lost offline communication with. It will also explore underlining causes of what leads a user to deleting Facebook friends. The results of this survey will assist me in completing my undergraduate course work for the Sociology/Anthropology Department here at Truman. This study also has the potential of being published or presented at a research conference. Your participation is very much needed and appreciated; however, it is completely voluntary.

Please only take the survey if you have a current Facebook account. Be assured, that your personal information and answers will be held strictly confidential. It should only take approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey. I do not predict any discomfort or harm resulting from this survey. However, if you are at all uncomfortable while responding you may skip any question and stop at any time during the survey. To participate, click on the following link http://survey.truman.edu/Survey.aspx?s=74e5c9158fe04eec8c9ddd487bf7f65c, and use your TruView account information to login.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email (listed below) and/or my faculty advisor Paul Shapiro at pshapiro@truman.edu or 660.785.4055. Thank you for participating in my research!


Megan Dux
Truman Undergraduate Sociology Student
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