Class Hosts Debate on the WWII Atomic Bombs

To recognize the 70th anniversary of the dropping of atomic bombs in Japan, a communication course will host a debate at 6 p.m. Nov. 9 in Barnett Hall 1211.

With Harry S. Truman being the presiding force in the decision of the atomic bombs, students in Truman’s COMM 274 Parliamentary Procedure class will simulate a British House of Commons debate on the resolution: “Resolved, President Truman made the right decision in authorizing the dropping of the atomic bomb(s).”

The event is open to students, faculty and staff. All attending are requested to sit on the side that represents their point of view. If undecided, members sit on the side to which they lean. During the course of the debate, members may switch sides/positions by actually moving to the other side. An initial speech of five minutes will be heard from each side and then the floor will be opened to alternating members who are limited to one-minute speeches. Barry Poyner, teacher of the class, will serve as speaker of the house, and moderate the debate. Applause and banter are encouraged. At the end of one hour, members will vote by exiting one of two doors.