Scholarships Available

The Jack J. Isgur Foundation is accepting applications from students enrolled in the field of education in the humanities, such as literature, fine arts, music, art, poetry and dance. The Foundation awards scholarships to students studying at colleges and universities who endeavor to teach courses in the above-described areas in school districts located in the state of Missouri, preferably rural school districts. The scholarship is available to those at the junior and senior levels, as well as graduate students. For further information, and an application, stop by the Truman State University Financial Aid Office at McClain Hall 103. Deadline for submission is May 1.

The William M. Reiss Foundation is offering scholarships to graduates of publicly supported high schools located within the city limits of Belleville, Ill. Official college transcripts are required and a copy of the Student Aid Report from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is recommended. For further information regarding this scholarship, stop by the Financial Aid office at McClain Hall 103. Information must be received by May 1 for consideration.
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