Tribute to Grandmother Results in Charitable Donation

By simply taking the time to honor his grandmother, one Truman student earned his family member statewide recognition and secured a donation to a Kirksville charity.

In August, Brock Wright, a sophomore athletic training major from Brookfield, Mo., submitted an essay to the “Show Me Missouri’s 10 Best Grandmothers” contest. Wright was looking to pay tribute to his grandmother, Coleen Williams, not for what she does for him, but for her work with his older brother Brad, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three.

“I wanted to recognize my grandma for all of her care, hard work and love she has shown her family and friends,” Wright said. “My grandma has never really received the right recognition for all of her work, and I thought it would be right to enter the contest.”

Sponsored by the Magic of Marceline Development Company, the contest based its selections on values-oriented attributes. In his essay, Wright acknowledged his grandmother’s support for his entire family, but noted the extra special attention she gives Brad, pointing out that “she has by far been a parent, teacher and best friend to my brother.”

The 10 finalists in the contest each received a gift $1,250, with an additional $1,250 donated to the charities of their choice. Williams selected the Judevine Center for Autism in Kirksville. Wright’s family has had a connection with the center ever since his brother’s diagnosis.

“My parents, grandma and Brad went to Judevine to get some training for everyday life activities with each other. They helped out a lot and within a few years, Brad and my family were very well prepared for life,” Wright said. “The Judevine Center for Autism has always had a special place in our hearts and they will forever.”

Brock Wright prepares to take in a Royals game in Kansas City with this brother Brad (pictured middle) and grandmother Coleen Williams. Following an essay submission from Wright, William’s was selected as one of Missouri’s “10 Best Grandmothers.” In addition to a personal cash prize, she was also afforded the opportunity to make a donation to the charity of her choice, for which she chose the Judevine Center for Autism in Kirksville.
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