Jerrold Hirsch, professor of history, was a panelist on an “OHA Tribute and Roundtable: Remembering Seeger, Stetson, and Studs” at the annual meeting of the Oral History Association in October in Madison, Wis. He also presented a paper, “Reading The Eulogies : Pete Seeger and His Folk[?] Community,” at the annual meeting of the American Folklore Society in November in Santa Fe, N.M.

Amber Johnson, professor of anthropology,
recently returned from a sabbatical trip to Argentina where she lectured at the Institute of Anthropology and Latin American Culture, the National Scientific and Technical Research Council [CONICET], and the University of Buenos Aires. She also participated in the 4th Southern Deserts Conference with a keynote presentation “Macroecological strategies for learning about the past” and a paper presentation “Probing northern desert archaeology using ethnoarchaeology of environmental analogues from southern deserts.”

Huping Ling, professor of history, has been awarded a grant by the Chinese Overseas Bureau Research Fund for a book manuscript on Chinese American History. Ling was also invited to give a lecture on “Civil Rights and Chinese Americans” funded by the National Humanity Foundation. Ling presented a paper on “Marriage Patterns and the Chinese Transnational Migration” in Panama City in August 2014.

Freshman Calvin Clovis and sophomore Parker Willis presented the paper “Coding for Leadership: Quantitative Analysis of Behavior in Gendered Tasks within Three Person Mixed Sex Groups” at the Cooperative Human Interaction Laboratory for the Illinois Sociological Association in Charleston, Ill. Junior McKenzie Parker and junior John Ross also presented their paper, entitled “Linguistic Construction of Sexual Attraction.”
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