Public Safety Looking for Bike Owners

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) recently recovered several bicycles on campus. While at least two of the bicycles have been returned to their owners, six remain unclaimed.
Students with bicycles on campus should check to see that their bicycles are still in their possession or secured to a bike rack. In the case of a missing bicycle, contact DPS. Bicycles can be claimed at the Police Department by providing details about specific identifiable custom markings on the bike, providing a serial number or proof of ownership.

DPS has a Bicycle Registry Program aimed at creating a database of bicycles so that in the event of loss or theft, the likelihood of recovery will increase. The Bicycle Registry Program is a free and convenient service that DPS provides for the students, faculty and staff.

As a reminder, anyone operating a bicycle must obey the same traffic control regulations that apply to cars and motorcycles, such as stopping for stop signs and riding in the right-hand portion of the roadway. Bicycles ridden after dark must be equipped with a headlight, large red reflector on the rear, and white or amber pedal and spoke reflectors.

Additionally, bicycles parked on campus must:
• not be attached to any trees, street median fencing or light poles;
• not be left in buildings, entrances, ramps or any other hazardous location;
• be left in campus bicycle racks.

For more information, contact DPS at 660.785.4176 or visit here.

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