Pickler Memorial Library Completes Digital Yearbook Collection

The Pickler Memorial Library has announced the completion of the digitized Echo Yearbook Collection.

Digitization started back in 2013 with volumes from 1901-1960. Currently, all editions from 1901-2007 are now available in the Truman State University Digital Library.

The Echo Yearbook Collection incorporates innovative technologies to bring the viewer an enhanced experience, including full-text search, zoom and FlexPaper. FlexPaper technology has been integrated into the digital library experience to give the viewer the ability to virtually turn each page of the Echo yearbook.

The yearbooks are a welcome addition to the University’s digital library, which includes collections such as the Central Wesleyan College Archives, the Gold Rush Letters and the Sims Song Slides, among others.

To view the general digital library or the Echo Yearbook Collection, visit digitallibrary.truman.edu.

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