Truman Classics

Truman classics students and their advisors Amanda Norgard, associate professor of classics, and Bridget Thomas, professor of classics, attended the 94th annual convention of Eta Sigma Phi, the national collegiate honor society for the study of classics, April 9.
The students competed in classics trivia games, participated in business meetings, listened to student papers, enjoyed a singer-songwriter’s original rendition of the “Iliad” and competed in elections for national offices.

Elana Sanders-Braxton was elected as 2022-2023 Megale Prytanis, president. Debeaux Bowman presided over the meeting as 2021-2022 Megale Prytanis, president. Sophia Picard presented the organization’s budget as 2021-2022 Megale Chrysophylax, treasurer. John Jones won second place in the intermediate Latin translation contest.

At the conclusion of the convention, Thomas was selected as a trustee of this national organization. She attended the convention with her first group of students in 2010.

Elana Sanders-Braxton is sworn in virtually as the new Megale Prytanis, president.
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