Leadership Changes for Pickler Memorial Library

The new year brings new leadership for Pickler Memorial Library.

Janet Romine is now the dean of libraries and museums. As dean, Romine provides leadership and strategic direction for the library, archives and museums in support of the University’s mission.
Stephen Wynn is the associate dean of libraries and museums for technical services and systems. Wynn has leadership responsibilities in the library and performs ongoing operational management of library systems and coordinating upgrades of hardware and software.
Amanda Langendoerfer is the new associate dean of interdisciplinary studies and director of special collections and museums. Langendoerfer leads and coordinates interdisciplinary learning experiences across the University, developing a strategic plan for interdisciplinary study and creative inquiry that spans from students’ first year through graduation. She continues in her role in the library as director of special collections and museums.  
In addition to these leadership changes, library staff members Gayla McHenry, Jeremy McAninch, and Cheryl Musch will be taking on additional responsibilities.
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