Survey to Assess Mental Health Needs


Truman is partnering with The Healthy Minds Network for a survey to assess the mental health needs of students.

All currently enrolled students should have received an email with a link to the survey, which can be taken through March 7. The confidential information provided to faculty and administration from this study reflects students’ day-to-day experiences on campus and provides insight into both their struggles and successes. This knowledge will be used to inform policy, practice and funding for programs and services on campus, thus bettering student life.

All JED Campus colleges and universities participate in the HMN survey. Using validated measures, the survey results will provide a detailed look at the prevalence of mental health problems, service utilization and related behaviors, attitudes and knowledge among a representative sample of students at participating institutions. HMN’s survey research has a special emphasis on understanding help-seeking behavior, examining stigma, knowledge and other potential barriers to mental health service utilization.

Data from the survey can be used to: strengthen grant applications; advocate for mental health services and programs on campus; evaluate existing programs; assess need for programs and services; raise awareness of mental health and campus resources; and make comparisons with peer institutions.  

Students can check their email by searching “Healthy Minds Survey” or “” to make sure it was not redirected to a spam folder.
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