Students Receive GIASR for Projects


The following projects are recipients of the Grants-In-Aid-of-Scholarship and Research.

Interprofessional Approach on Learning Vascular Access with Ultrasonography to Medical Students and Nurses
Student: Casey Cook
Mentor: Alison Winston

Applications of Large Format Photography and Printing
Student: Daniel Degenhardt
Mentor: Priya Kambli

Analysis of Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) Influence on Annual Numbers of the Lone-Star Tick (ambloyomma americanum) in Kirksville
Student: Lauren Harrison
Mentor: Stephanie Fore

Aromatase Inhibition as a Treatment for Hormone-Dependent Breast Cancer and Endometriosis
Student: Abby Held
Mentor: Bill Miller

DBF as a Molecular Chaperone for Gamma Crystallin Aggregates
Student: Addison Leabo
Mentor: Cassidy Dobson

Gamma Crystallin Aggregation Analysis by Size Exclusion Chromatography
Student: Alexandra Marko
Mentor: Cassidy Dobson

Enhancing Educational Resources and Improving Community Awareness of Trees on Truman’s Campus
Student: Melina Matheney
Mentor: Elisabeth Hooper

Effects of Change in Healthcare Policy on Hospice Care
Student: Samuel Pey
Mentor: Victoria May

A Role for the Numb Protein at the Drosophila Neuromuscular Junction

Students: Jason Baltz, Andrew Galbraith, Morgan Payne, Nicholas Pritchett and Katie Renkemeyer
Mentor: Brett Berke

The Effect of Streptozotocin on Insulin Signaling in the Brains of Rats
Student: Avery Schroeder
Mentor: Daniela Ostrowski

Changes in Brain Cell Connections in a Rat model for Alzheimer’s Disease
Student: Mason Wilcox
Mentor: Daniela Ostrowski

The Effects of Stilbenoids on the Aggregation of Amyloid Beta Proteins Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease
Student: Clara Wolf
Mentor: Bill Miller
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