Theatre Department Casting for Directors’ Showcase

Auditions for the Fall Directors’ Showcase will take place at 5 p.m. Oct. 8 in the Black Box Theatre, Ophelia Parrish 2302.

Nine new directors will be looking for actors for the showcase, which runs Dec. 6-8 in the Severns Theatre. Actors should prepare 60 seconds of material that shows how they move and talk. Examples include: reciting a list of their best jokes, doing a dramatic reading of a Drake song, performing a monologue, doing yoga while reciting a roommate’s annoying morning routine, etc. Ultimately, interested actors need to do something that will grab the directors’ attention and make them remember the actor’s performance.

On each night of the final performances, the directing class presents a different set of one act plays written by some of the best playwrights from around the country. The following plays will be featured:  

“The Man Who Couldn’t Dance”
By: Jason Katims
Directed By: Julie Amuedo
Eric, Gail’s old boyfriend, visits for dinner and meets Gail’s baby. What ensues is a discussion about their past relationship, how they’ve come to where they are now, and why Eric can’t dance.

By: Laura Jacqmin
Directed By: Natalie Cohen
A couple fights to be together when more than just space separates them.

“Feeding the Moonfish”
By: Barbara Wiechmann
Directed By: Nick Frost
Two co-workers form an unlikely bond amid tragedy, hope and the talking fish.

“Dog Park or Sexual Perversity in Magnuson”
By: Dennis Schebetta
Directed By: Cat McMahan
It’s a dog eat dog world. Four dogs living life in Magnuson.

“Still Life”
By: Seth Kramer
Directed By: Amanda Morris
One year after a fire injures Michelle’s hands and destroys her artwork, David tries to help her cope and adjust.

“Please Have a Seat and Someone Will Be With You Shortly”
By: Garth Wingfield
Directed By: Julie Noringriis
Two almost strangers initiate an awkward conversation in their psychologist’s waiting room.

“The Future is in Your Tiny Hands”
By: Jonathan Rand
Directed By: Rachel Seabaugh
Kaitlyn Parker and Eddie Grantwood square off for the political debate of the century: student president of their elementary school.

By: Christopher Durang
Directed By: Cameron Smith
In an Off-Off-Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway production of “The Trojan Women,” the cast become confused and find their way into actually performing the ancient story of Medea.

“On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning”

By: Alex Dremann
Directed By: Joel Wilper
A mother and daughter sit on their porch sipping coffee, but shortly disclose that they are both actually assassins, and each has been hired to kill the other.

This festival is a result of Truman’s Play Direction course and is required of all theatre majors in order to graduate. As the final assignment each student is required to direct a one-act play. The plays had to be published within the last 80 years, between 10 and 30 minutes in length and without heavy scenic, costume, light or sound effects. These final productions represent a synthesis of numerous concepts explored in the course of the semester. Students explored composition and picturization techniques, scene analysis, how to develop a directorial approach, methods on how to work with actors, etc. For more information, contact David Charles Goyette, assistant professor of theatre.

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