Local Farm Provides Grease Recycling Service to Sodexho and Kirksville Community

Sevits Farms, a family-run farm in the Greentop, Mo., area, has begun to do its part to support environmentally conscious efforts in the Kirksville community by collecting used cooking oil from local businesses, including Sodexho Food Services on the Truman campus.

Sevits Farms grease collection service provides business properties with a metal oil collection container, free of charge, in exchange for allowing Sevits Farms to recycle the used cooking grease for use as a feed additive and biodiesel fuel on its horse, cow, goat and crop enterprise.

Sevits Farms seeks to utilize a more environmentally and economically friendly fuel alternative, as well as to save business owners both money and time in not having to employ a local waste pick-up service. Sevits Farms will remove the grease from the containers on a monthly basis, free of charge.

Lora Cunningham, assistant to the director of Sodexho, said Sodexho chose to use Sevits Farms for the oil recycling because their services met Sodexho’s needs.

Last year Sodexho spent about $40 per building per pick up with four pick-up stations, Cunningham said. The number of pick-up stations has been reduced to three this year due to the closing of Missouri Hall for renovation.

Contact Jeremy at 341.5041 or Sara at 341.5774 for more information on the Sevits Farms recycled grease pick-up service.
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