Self-Defense Class Scheduled for March 22

The Department of Public Safety is offering the second self-defense demonstration class this semester to students. The program combines a hands-on approach to learning effective techniques with information about crime prevention. Designed for both female and male audiences, the class incorporates simple strategies for escaping potentially dangerous situations.

Senior Josh Saboorizadeh attended the first class and was surprised by the relevance of the course.

“It’s not only about physical defense,” Saboorizadeh said. “It’s also about recognizing habits that jeopardize your safety. No one should feel awkward about defending themselves.”

The next demonstration will take place from 2-4 p.m. March 22 at the Student Recreation Center. The class can accommodate 30 students. Those who complete the class will receive a specially designed safety whistle. To sign up, email with your name and cell phone number.  

Students interested in additional self-defense instruction should also consider taking ES 199 RAD: Rape Aggression Defense in the fall.

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