Truman Media Network Unveils New Website

The Truman Media Network (TMN) now has a new website that serves as the collaborative hub for all student media outlets.

This site is the product of a continued effort between the Index, TMN Television, KTRM 88.7 the Edge and Detours Magazine to share resources and offer educational opportunities in digital convergence of media.

Marilyn Yaquinto, professor of communication and chair of the Student Media Board, notes this new development as an important step in creating student media that is effective and relevant.

“There are two reasons for doing this right now,” Yaquinto said. “First, it is because this is the way the industry is operating and we want to prepare our students for the marketplace. Second, there is efficiency in sharing resources and having one unified staff. It’s about cost, but it’s also about education.”

Yaquinto expanded on this improvement, mentioning that the collaboration of different media outlets allows a wider range of journalistic experience, reflecting the multi-media approach of today’s media marketplace.  

“Before, students had to choose just one platform to tell a story,” Yaquinto said. “Now that we have this hub, students are becoming excited about telling stories using whichever technology is best-suited for the situation.”

Dan Stewart, executive producer of TMN Television, echoed Yaquinto’s excitement for merging different platforms under one name.

“It provides a singular voice that presents content Truman students want to consume,” Stewart said.

According to Stewart, all student media outlets will now meet on a weekly basis in order to minimize overlap between news presented, effectively creating an avenue for a greater quantity of engaging media.

“One of the biggest complaints we had before was that reporters from different student media outlets were interviewing the same people,” Stewart said. “It was an unnecessary and inconvenient overlap that we have now eliminated.”

Truman Media Network’s new website can be found at