Helpline Established for Faculty Advisors

The Center for Academic Excellence, formerly known as New Student Programs, has established an Advising Helpline to assist faculty advisors.

Full-time academic advisors answer the Advising Helpline. Faculty advisors in need may call 660.988.5753 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, when classes are in session. Callers with questions outside of operating hours are invited to leave a voicemail message or email the Advising Helpline at

Truman’s Advising Helpline was established to give faculty members one number to contact for answers to quick advising questions. Topics appropriate for helpline calls could include (but are not limited to): liberal studies program requirements and course options; the TruView advisee tracking menu; any-time any-student warnings; early progress reports; students of concern referrals; interpreting DegreeWorks; course recommendations to bring a student’s schedule to full-time; transfer credit and substitution questions; credit/no credit rules; academic probation standards; JINS bidding procedures; and what is and is not waived with an Associate of Arts degree.

“The ongoing concerns with student success, retention and graduation rates across higher education mean that academic advising is more important than ever before,” said Jack Holcomb, director for the Center for Academic Excellence. “We want to offer this service because we think advising is a crucial part of college education, and we hope we can help Truman’s faculty navigate some of the frustrating and flummoxing parts of the advising role.”

During this pilot phase, the Advising Helpline is designed for use by faculty and staff. If successful, the program will be expanded to serve students, parents, alumni and outside constituencies.
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