Tag Day Celebrates Gifts to University Farm

Truman will celebrate its first ever Tag Day, an event to recognize the impact of donations to the University, on Nov. 15.

Tags will be placed across campus to identify items provided as gifts to the University. Examples of donated items that will be tagged include computer labs, audiovisual equipment and SMARTBoards, among others.

However, some larger items are more difficult to tag, such as horses donated to the University Farm. According to Equestrian Team coach and horsemanship instructor, the University Farm has had eight horses donated to the program.

Students are encouraged to help celebrate Tag Day Nov. 15 by stopping by the table in the Student Union Building and writing a thank you note to a Truman donor.

tag day online.jpg
Horses pictured from left to right: Mouse, Quick, Atticus, AJ, Goldie, Gypsy, Etta and Reno.