Apply for the Robert L. Gould Scholastic Award

The Robert L. Gould Scholastic Award is an opportunity for students of all majors to submit a research paper for the chance to win up to $10,000.

The scholastic award is based on the evaluation of student research papers related to the current year’s topic. Truman State University is invited to submit up to three student papers for consideration of the award.

DST Systems, Inc., headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., is sponsoring a $10,000 award for the first place student, $5,000 award for the second place student and $2,500 award for the third place student.

The School of Business at Truman is also sponsoring awards for the three papers selected for submission to the DST Gould Award Office. The awards are: $500 for the first place paper, $350 for the second place paper and $200 for the third place paper.

To apply for the Gould Scholastic Award, students must submit a research paper with appropriate citations and a works cited list. Students of all majors are invited to submit a paper. Winning papers have varied in length from 7-20 pages. Examples of past winning papers are available for review in the School of Business Office in Violette Hall 2400.

Current year’s topic:
The concept of big data has been actively utilized in retail marketing, but the application and benefits of big data to the relationship among investment product companies, advisors, and consumers has seen little use. This paper should explore ways big data could be used to strengthen aspects of current relationship models or create disruptive alternative models. Examples in scope include:
  • Increasing customer satisfaction, communication, sentiment, loyalty
  • Improving relationships and service
  • Expanding relationships by increasing sales, new products, and customer penetration
Research may include areas outside of the investment product companies where the areas have accomplished the above items in scope and the author feels the concepts could be leveraged in the investment product company space.

Research papers are due by Dec. 2. Papers and questions may be sent to Lana Dowell in the School of Business at
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