Families Invited to Join Weekend Picnic with Taiwan at Truman

Truman will be hosting a group of 34 young high school women and their teachers from Zen Del High School of Chunghua, Taiwan this June and July for an intensive English language and cultural immersion program.

“Taiwan at Truman” is looking for families interested in spending a few hours interacting with these students for food and games from 4:30-8 p.m. June 23. Festivities will take place at the Point Shelter at Thousand Hills State Park, with dinner available beginning at 5 p.m.

In previous years, the Taiwan at Truman program has featured organized weekend homestays with Truman families. Due to scheduling challenges, this weekend picnic is being used in lieu of homestays to provide students with an opportunity to interact with American families.

Individuals and whole families are welcome. While interaction with youth is desirable, interested faculty, staff and friends of Truman without children are also welcome to come and interact with the guests. The only pre-requisites are a desire to converse with students from a different culture, and a willingness to interact in typical picnic games during the evening.

To help with headcount, interested individuals or families should contact the Truman Institute by emailing Kevin Minch at kminch@truman.edu or calling 660.785.5384. RSVP by June 20.