Guidelines to Follow for Cyclists

As the weather improves, the Department of Public Safety wants to remind all cyclists of the campus guidelines.

Anyone operating a bicycle must obey the same traffic control regulations that apply to cars and motorcycles, such as stopping for stop signs and riding in the right-hand portion of the roadway. When ridden after dark, bikes must be equipped with a headlight, large red reflector on the rear and white or amber pedal and spoke reflectors.

Bicycles parked on campus must be left in bicycle racks, which are provided in convenient locations. Bikes are not to be left in buildings, entrances, ramps or any other hazardous location. They should not be attached to any trees or light poles. Bicycles that are illegally parked are subject to parking tickets and/or confiscation by the Department of Public Safety. Bicycles should be ridden on streets, not on sidewalks, lawns or parkways that are property of Truman.

Students are strongly encouraged to register their bikes with DPS. Registration permits are issued free of charge. More information on the biking policies may be found at

Truman supports the use of bicycles as a means of transportation, but ultimately the safety of all campus pedestrians is of first priority.

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