Conserve Energy This Winter

Heating on campus is fueled by natural gas. Natural gas prices are currently more than 50 percent higher than last winter. This means that conserving heating energy is more important than ever. Please help conserve by observing the tips listed below:

• System malfunctions: During normal working hours, report space temperatures outside of 68F-72F to Physical Plant. First check the thermostat setting, if accessible.

• On staff holidays, expect space temperatures to be reduced in buildings with modern systems (Magruder Hall, Ophelia Parrish, Violette Hall). Dates: Dec. 22-27, Dec. 31-Jan. 2.

• Exterior doors and windows: Keep them closed as much as possible. Report malfunctions to Physical Plant. If window coverings are present, close them in the evening and on cloudy days, and open them on sunny days.

• Convective heaters (radiators): make sure air flow to and from them is not blocked.

• Space heaters: For safety’s and conservation’s sake, always turn space heaters off when leaving them unattended. Space heaters without tip-over switches are not allowed. Consider warm stockings instead of a space heater if only your feet or legs get cold.

• Thermostats: If accessible, set them to a lower temperature (60F) during unoccupied periods. Also, communicate and compromise with your co-workers: one thermostat often affects several people.

• Dress in layers (sweaters work well), especially if you prefer to be warmer than your co-workers.

Automatic door openers are great for people who need them. By opening two doors at one time a great amount of heat and air conditioning are lost. They will work one at a time manually reducing the amount of heat or cooling air. Or just pull or push open the door next to the automatic.
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