Student Union Renovation Update

The staff of the Student Union is excited that the renovation will begin in the upcoming spring semester. The renovation is slated to begin sometime around March 10. This will be a dynamic and challenging time. The first phase will be the most difficult with the loss of the Down Under, the Georgian Room, meeting rooms 307, 308, 309 and the Governors Room. However, there are plans in place to accommodate the events that would normally require these spaces. For example, they will convert the Quiet Lounge into a functioning banquet room with a capacity between 350-400 individuals.

During the renovation, they ask for your patience and assistance in planning your events. The current practice on campus is to reserve a specific space. They need your help to change the focus and center upon your specific event needs. Rather than requesting the Georgian Room, event requests should read that the user needs a space for 100 individuals with catering service and media support. By communicating the event needs, they can best accommodate all of their users by placing events as efficiently as possible. This technique will also allow them to maximize their ability to meet campus needs.

Also, please consider contacting their office when planning your events. They will do their best to help anticipate concerns and find the appropriate space for your event. Please note that they may also find times that they will need to shuffle reservations to accommodate as many events as possible, but with your help, they will do their best to minimize these occurrences.

Call 785.4186 for more information.
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