Einstein Collection Available at Truman

To commemorate Albert Einstein’s birthday, Curtis R. Blakely, assistant professor of justice systems, will make a number of original Einstein items available for viewing during March.
Items include: an original Einstein signature; two original letters, one written by Frau Einstein and the other by his secretary Helen Dukas; a poem written to Einstein and one written by Einstein; more than 40 photographs including several originals taken by Orren Jack Turner, the official Princeton photographer; and other miscellaneous items.

Also included are autographs and/or letters by Harold Urey, Max Born, Arthur Eddington, Max Planck, Robert Millikan, Kip Thorne, Oliver Lodge and Edward Teller, all of whom are noted physicists and many of them were Einstein’s associates.

A number of items owned by Boris Podolsky of EPR paper fame, a paper co-authored with Einstein and Rosen, will be featured as well. Included among these items is the nameplate that ordained Podolsky’s door during his tenure at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

This collection is available for viewing in Barnett Hall. Contact Blakely at cblakely@truman.edu to schedule an appointment.

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