Students Create Master’s Level Journal

The newly founded journal The Wide Net has launched its first issue, which includes research, reviews and creative work written by master’s level students from across the country.

Founded in September 2011 by master’s students at Truman, The Wide Net seeks to foreground the often underrepresented work of master’s students in a national journal of English and cultural studies. It is possibly the country’s first journal designed expressly for this purpose.

In January, The Wide Net released its first issue titled, “Occupying Spaces: Reclaiming Cultural Space for Liberatory Causes.” Issue 1.1 examines how space is used in literature and culture in a variety of ways.

Additionally, the issue includes reviews of contemporary poetry, nonfiction and a composition textbook.

As The Wide Net nears its second issue, it is dedicated to the goals of publishing the highest forms of academic inquiry, forming a viable network of young academics and reaffirming the value and utility of the humanities.

The Wide Net publishes work exclusively online under the auspices of the English and Linguistics Department at Truman and can be found at The Wide Net is also on Facebook.

For more information contact Anthony Meyer, Editor-in-Chief at