Truman Institute Offers Summer Incentive Grants

The Truman Institute is offering three categories of summer incentive grants to be awarded for use during summer 2012.

Grants categories include: Summer School Online Course Incentive Grants; Truman Institute Enrichment Program Incentive Grants; and Truman Institute Professional Development Course Incentive Grants.

Summer School Online Course Incentive Grants will be seeking proposals aimed to redesign existing courses required for academic majors, courses frequently chosen as electives within majors and/or courses outside of academic major requirements for which high demand can be reasonably predicted based on a sound needs assessment. The requirement of the redesign plans is that they create fully online courses where such offerings do not exist, and that they are filled with content that reflects the best practices for online teaching and learning and utilize the potential of new technologies. Up to 15 grants will be awarded in this category.

The Enrichment Program Incentive Grants will be aimed towards developing summer and weekend programs, as well as conferences and special events, that can increase the number of potential recruits who are exposed to the University while still enhancing University revenue. Programming could include but not be limited to new or enhanced summer camps or academic programs, academic institutes or workshops or evening or weekend programming aimed at K-12 students or the Kirksville community. Summer, evening or school-year programs are all welcome. Up to five grants will be awarded in this category.

Professional Development Course Incentive Grants will seek ideas aimed at external audiences including but not limited to alumni, retirees, professionals seeking specialized training, learners for the Northeast Missouri community and other adults seeking educational enrichment. These courses should serve as “professional development” and “personal enrichment.” Courses may be offered online or in the classroom. The mode of delivery should be justified based on the market. The course my neither compete with or substitute for existing Truman coursework. Up to 10 grants will be awarded in this category.

Each grant offers up to $2,000 as a summer stipend. Additional stipends for completion of a required online certification course will be offered as well. Successful new enrichment programs will receive full financial support, if applicable, once the grant period is completed.

Applicants may teach a summer course or hold additional appointments during the grant term, provided that they do not diminish their capacity to complete their responsibilities.

Grant proposals are due to the Truman Institute by 5 p.m. Jan. 16. Applications are available at All applicants should complete an application cover, also available on website. Questions regarding the grant program may be directed to the Truman Institute at or 785.5384.