ROTC Places First Again at Ranger Challenge

Truman’s ROTC Alpha Team took first place at the regional Ranger Challenge competition in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

Twenty-two teams from 10 schools competed in this year’s Ranger Challenge. Truman brought their Alpha team and Bravo team of nine men each and a women’s team of five female cadets. Bravo team finished seventh overall, beating four alpha teams from other schools. The female cadets placed third in their category.

The Challenge consisted of 10 events performed Oct. 14-15. Events included were the Army Physical Fitness Test, weapons assembly/disassembly, an obstacle course and a 10K foot march performed in full gear.
The womens’ teams competed in a knot-tying event in lieu of the one-rope bridge.

Alpha team won four events and placed in top three for nine of the 10. Members of the Alpha team are: Captains Zach Hayes and John Heisler, Clayton Hancock, Travis Cain, Kyle Ippenson, Josh Webster, Taylor Hamilton, Alex Fowler and Jared Dietrich. This is the second year in a row that the Alpha team has placed first.

Truman Ranger Challenge online.jpg
Members of Alpha team, Bravo team and the female cadets at the regional Ranger Challenge competition in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Pictures left to right top row: John Heisler (Captain), David Amrhein, Deon Walker, Zach Hayes (Captain), Tyler Kuehn, Kyle Ippensen, Jared Dietrich, Travis Cain, Alex Fowler, Taylor Hamilton, Josh Webster, Devon Doll, Derek Johnson, Logan Simmons, Warren Galloway (Captain of Bravo team), William Wolfram (Captain of Bravo team), Mason McCoy, LTC Doug Reinsch and Aaron Bretz. Bottom Row left to right: Norah Moeller, Katie Hussey (Captain of Female Team), Mary Oliver, Mariah Cook, Becky Nunnikhoven (Captain of Female Team), Abby Lofgren, Hannah Fischer, Brook Luhrsen and Sherry Guillen. (Photo by Tawanda Kanhema)