Blue Key and Cardinal Key Help with Relief Efforts in Joplin

Twelve members of Blue Key and Cardinal Key service organizations participated in a project in Joplin, Mo., over midterm break Oct. 12-15.

The group, serving through AmeriCorp, helped a woman move into her Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) trailer after they discovered the house needed to be gutted and reset on its foundation. The students also planted six trees in the yard of the woman’s neighborhood. On their second day, they volunteered at a warehouse collecting and distributing supplies to people in need. They assembled 1,100 packages to be delivered to families still occupying FEMA trailers.

The group spent their last day organizing books to send out to teachers in affected areas.

Blue and Cardinal Key joplin online.jpg
Blue Key and Cardinal Key members in the warehouse where they assembled packages. From left to right: Camden Stockton, Russ Beckman, Nick Valleroy, Max Muench, Ben Weger, Sam Dozier, Nena Koseva, Seth Donaldson, Madeleine Keough, Elli Mathis, Clifton Ricana and Josiah Belzer.
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