Changes to the Truman Recycling Program

The following changes will take place related to the Truman recycling program as of May 1, 2011:

Cardboard and Paper: The Sheltered Workshop, a local non-profit organization, will pick up cardboard and paper on campus. It will provide indoor containers for paper and pick up cardboard from existing outside bins. Housekeepers in buildings will move paper containers to designated locations near building entrances for pick-up.
Aluminum: Truman staff and student workers will continue to pick up aluminum and transport it to a local recycler, Perfect Metals. This company will pay the University.
Toner Cartridges: Campus Mail Services has taken over the packing and shipping of used toner cartridges. Please send used cartridges in a plastic bag.

University Electronics: Electronics which are not sold at surplus auctions will continue to be disposed of properly. This is for on-campus use only and not for use of any home electronics.

Plastic: Currently no companies or organizations have been found that are willing to come to campus or to a centralized location to pick up plastic for recycling, so as of right now, the University will stop collecting plastic. The University will continue to search for a company who will pick up plastic in the future.

Glass: The ground glass product Truman has been producing is currently not in demand. Therefore, the University will stop collecting glass and also stop operating the glass grinding machine. Truman is working with the Solid Waste Management Districts in the state to find an organization who will take the machine to use. The University is interested in finding a company willing to pick up glass for recycling.
Drop-off Service:
The current public drop-off service at the Delaney-Baldwin complex will close. Cardboard and paper items may be dropped off in bins outside the Sheltered Workshop, at 1001 Osteopathy Street, and High Hope Recycling, at 906 E. Shepherd Avenue. Perfect Metals, at 3602 N. Industrial Road, and other metal recyclers in Kirksville, will pay for aluminum cans if they are brought to the facilities.

Be conscious of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle and be thoughtful in your buying choices to promote these principles.

Drink coffee in a mug instead of using disposable containers.

Buy recycled products.

Bicycle, walk or carpool.

Use both sides of the paper.

Use e-mail instead of paper.

Recycle your aluminum cans. A used aluminum can may be recycled and back on a grocery shelf in just two months.

Turn off your lights and computer when not in use.
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