TruScholars Provides Research Opportunities

This year, the Office of Student Research will once again sponsor the TruScholars Summer Undergraduate Research Program that will support up to 25 undergraduates to conduct intensive research during the summer months.

The focus of the program is intensive, mentor-student collaborative activity in original efforts directed toward the advancement of knowledge and understanding within all academic disciplines.

The formal part of the 2011 TruScholars program will coincide with the eight-week Summer semester, beginning June 6 and ending July 29. During this time, students should devote full-time effort to their projects, and research mentors should be continuously available for consultation and collaboration. There are no restrictions against completing additional work for the research project outside of the formal program period.

Information about the 2011 TruScholars Program can be found on the Office of Student Research website at, and students can download a summary sheet in PDF format that describes the program expectations and application process at

While the 2011 TruScholars Program is largely similar to the 2010 offering, there are some notable differences. Faculty and students are encouraged to review the program announcement carefully.

Questions about the TruScholars Program can be directed to or 785.4455.

Details about the TruScholars Program:

Application materials are available online now at

Feb. 4 - Application deadline (5 p.m.)
Students will be notified of the success of their application in late February.

June 6-July 29 - Formal part of TruScholars Program (intensive student research; three program-wide meetings)

Aug. 27 - TruScholars Research Symposium

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