Austin Church, a senior music composition major, was awarded first place in the 2010-11 Music Teachers National Association Missouri State Composition Competition. Church’s winning composition, entitled “The Wolf of the Steppes" for string quartet, was entered in the Young Artist category of the competition, open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Holly Fling and Scott White, senior English majors
, presented papers at the Missouri Folklore Society Conference in Neosho, Mo., Nov. 4-6. Fling spoke on Christmas traditions in Bethel, Mo., while White presented his research on Boy Scouts’ ghost stories and storytellers. Fling’s paper also won the Dolf and Becky Schroeder Scholarship Award for 2010.

The Department of Society and Environment
congratulates the charter members of the Cultural and Societal Honors Society who were inducted Nov. 29: Jessica Bernstetter, Rudolph Cesaretti, Katie Dye, Kathrine Olsen Flaate, Emma Flowers, Lakeisha Joyce, Racheal Kissee, Hannah Motes, Zakery Palmer, Nick Riggins, Kevin Sack, Alex Senger and Ashley Tucker.
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