Donald Bindner, assistant professor of mathematics, and Martin Erickson, professor of mathematics, had their textbook “A Student’s Guide to the Study, Practice, and Tools of Modern Mathematics” published by CRC Press.

Alexandra Czahor, a spring 2010 graduate
, was awarded the Truman State University Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award for 2011 for “Native and Nonnative Speakers’ Perceptions of Syllable Initial Voiced Stop Consonants in Three Contexts: Non-manipulated, Edited to Remove VOT and Edited to Remove Formant Transitions.” Czahor has also been selected as Truman’s nominee for the annual MAGS Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award. Czahor’s thesis adviser was Paula Cochrane of the Department of Communication Disorders. Other faculty members serving on Czahor’s thesis committee were Janet Gooch, Ilene Ashbaugh and Sally Cook.

Masahiro Hara, professor of Japanese, had a paper entitled “Real-Time Reading and Reactivation Evidence of Syntactic-Gap Processing in Japanese Scrambling” accepted for inclusion in Selected (Peer-Reviewed) Proceedings of Second Language Research Forum 2009. This research was partially supported by Hara’s Truman Faculty Summer Research Fellowship.
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