Maureen Bylina, a senior health science major from Chicago, has been honored with the Eta Sigma Gamma National Professional Health Science Honorary Founder’s Scholarship Award. The award will be presented at the Annual Meeting of Eta Sigma Gamma during the American School Health Association National Conference in Burbank, Calif., on Oct. 21.

Taner Edis, associate professor of physics,
together with Amy Bix, published the paper “Biology and ‘Created Nature’” Gender and the Body in Popular Islamic Literature from Modern Turkey and the West” in the Arab Studies Journal 12:2/13:1 140 (2005).

John Ishiyama, professor of political science and McNair Program Director, had his article “Globalization and the Formerly Dominant Communist Parties in Central and Eastern Europe” published in the journal Globalization. In addition his article “The Former Marxist Leninist Parties in Africa after the End of the Cold War” has been accepted for publication in the journal Acta Politica.

Barry C. Poyner, professor of communication, had an entry on “James Shannon” published in The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement (Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2004). Poyner’s earlier work on Shannon is still in print, Bound to Slavery: James Shannon and the Restoration Movement (Star Bible, 1999). This semester Poyner is on sabbatical researching the life of Emily Tubman, wealthy and independent southern philanthropist, who freed her slaves and accompanied them to Liberia. A descendent of the Tubman slaves became president of Liberia.

Gregg Siewert, professor of French, attended the American Association of Teachers of French annual convention in Québec, Canada, July 7-10. In addition to presenting a session on contemporary French song lyrics to 48 conferees, he earned first prize in the teachers’ oral dictation contest, and was awarded a copy of the 2005 edition of the Petit Larousse dictionary. About 90 teachers wrote the dictation, but only 46 turned in their copies for evaluation. Siewert was invited to submit a chapter on sport in contemporary France for a volume on French civilization to appear in late 2007. He was able to have dinner with four of the six Truman undergraduates who were studying at U. Laval this July-August.
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