Truman Endowment Fund Established

An endowment fund designed to provide perpetual resources to support the programs and activities of the University has been established at the Truman State University Foundation.

The Truman State University Endowment Fund for Excellence will provide funds to meet the greatest and changing needs of delivering a high quality education to students. The fund has been fortified with two recent gifts of $25,000 each from George ‘36 and Nadine ‘33 Wilson of Arlington, Va.; and Dr. Jack ‘57 and Berneita ‘55 Rice of Lindale, Texas.

Earnings from the endowment will support a variety of value-added student learning experiences, and may include study abroad, technology and equipment upgrades, scholarships, faculty development, library enhancements and other programs deemed to benefit students and student learning. The fund will be administered by the Truman State University Foundation Board of Directors, with discretion from the University President.
“Growing the University endowment is an overarching goal of the Foundation,” said Mark Gambaiana, vice president for University advancement. “And providing a multi-purpose resource to meet the greatest needs of the University, especially in an uncertain funding environment, is paramount.”

While the majority of Foundation funds are restricted for designated purposes by donors, the Truman State University Endowment Fund for Excellence provides a significant giving opportunity for current major and planned gift donors to meet evolving needs of the University.
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