Communication Disorders Research Presenters

The following undergraduate and graduate students made presentations at the Annual Student Research Conference in April 2010:
Jade N. Hicks
“The Dialect is Just a Difference: Speech-Language Pathologists and Issues Assessing African American Vernacular English”
Janet Gooch, faculty mentor
Samantha L. Weatherford and Kimberly P. Abts
“Missouri School Speech-Language Pathologists’ Opinions and Practices about Oral Peripheral Examinations”
Paula Cochran and Janet Gooch, faculty mentors
Katie N. Oppelt, Margaret D. Hilliard, Lauren M. Williams, Grace E. Strube and Tricia K. Hurt
“Multimedia Clinical Resources: Matching a Child’s Level of Symbolic Understanding in Speech-Language Therapy”
Paula Cochran, faculty mentor
Ann M. Filla
“A Survey of Speech Implementers in the State of Missouri”
Janet Gooch, faculty mentor
Laura A. Greaver and Susan Cheung
“The Effect of Noise on the Hearing Sensitivities of Music Students”
Ilene Ashbaugh, faculty mentor

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