Speech-Language-Hearing Association Research Presenters

The following students presented their research at the annual convention of the Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association in April 2010:
Megan Safley
“Conversational Prompt Cards for Severe Dysfluencies”
Brittany O’Saben
“Effectiveness of a computer program on the phoneme /z/”
Sara Hines
“Decreasing Inappropriate Loudness Using Visual Biofeedback”
Susan Eberly
“Musical Activities for Phonological Awareness Skills”
Kaycee Lukach
“Reinforcing Conversational Repair with Token Reinforcement”
Cara Stanley
“Improving Sound- Symbol Knowledge in Aphasia”
Katie Sloan
“Visual Bio-feedback to Increase Loudness in an ESL Child”
Katie Nevins
“Building Pronoun Use in Structured and Unstructured Activities”
Laura Winkelman
“Using a Stop-Watch Incentive for Oral Reading Fluency”
Katie Joyner
“Using Visual Biofeedback to Reinforce Easy Onset in an Adult Fluency Client”
Amy Wegscheid
“Using Gesture Cues to Establish Speech Sounds”
Lauren Mosley and Danielle Hagemann
“iPod Usage and Its Effects Upon Hearing”
Angie McGinnis
“Effect of MIT on Production of Functional Phrases”
Jade Hicks
“The Dialect is Just a Difference: Speech-Language Pathologists and Issues Assessing African American Vernacular English”
Susan Cheung and Laura Greaver
“Music Performance Majors’ Perceptions Of Their Hearing”
Kimberly Abts and Samantha Weatherford
“Survey of School-based SLP Oral Peripheral Exam Practices”

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