Circle K Collecting for Annual Fundraiser

Circle K is seeking donations for its annual rummage sale April 24. The club will gladly accept anything and everything to sell at this event, with all proceeds directly assisting the Adair County Humane Society.

There will be collection boxes in the Student Union Building on March 15 and March 25 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Additional drop-offs can be arranged by contacting Rummage Sale Chair Eric Hughes at

All items not sold at the rummage sale will be donated to the Kirksville Salvation Army.

“The Rummage Sale is a great way for us to give back to the community, and that’s what Circle K is all about. We are excited to help the Humane Society any way we can,” said Circle K President Kara Winckel.

Circle K International (CKI) is a collegiate community service, leadership development and friendship organization with more than 12,600 members in 17 nations. Circle K clubs are organized and sponsored by a Kiwanis club on a college or university campus. CKI is a self-governing organization that elects its own officers, conducts its own meetings and determines its own service activities.

The Adair County Humane Society seeks to provide a temporary shelter to homeless animals, while giving qualified applicants the ability to adopt these animals so they may enjoy a safe, comfortable life. It also provides basic veterinary services for its animals. The Adair County Humane Society gladly accepts donations and gifts on its wish list, as well as volunteers.

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