Curtis Blakely, assistant professor of justice systems, was recently selected by the American Correctional Association’s Nominating Committee to run for a seat on their Delegate Assembly (Institutions of Higher Learning). If elected, this position would allow Blakely to help determine the types of education and training delivered to offenders. It would also allow him to help determine the types and content of educational programs provided to students and corrections employees. Blakely currently sits on the Association’s Education, Vocation and Training Committee. The election will take place this spring.

Elizabeth Bledsoe, a justice systems major, recently had a book review accepted for publication by “Probation Journal: The Journal of Community and Criminal Justice.” Bledsoe reviewed a new release entitled “Criminological Theory: Readings and Retrospectives.” Probation Journal is an international publication based in the United Kingdom and is available in more than 25 countries.

Matthew Carbery, a student in justice systems, and Curtis Blakely, assistant professor of justice systems, have been asked by the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) to submit a short description of a paper they are writing entitled, “From Interest to Implementation: Undergraduate Research and It’s Role in a Student-Initiated Course at Truman State University.” The paper details their experiences with JUST 340-Prisoner Reentry: Policy and Procedure, which is being taught this spring by Carbery and supervised by Blakely. The description of this paper will appear in the fall 2010 issue of “CUR Quarterly.”

Richard Freese, a graduate music composition major, has been awarded the 2010 Bruce Benward Memorial Student Award in Music Theory/Composition. This is one of two student awards sponsored by the Macro Analysis Creative Research Organization (MACRO) given annually to music majors across the country that show outstanding future promise in their field. The award includes a $1,000 honorarium and a lifetime membership in MACRO.

Warren Gooch, professor of music, will have two compositions performed at upcoming music conferences. “A Modest Compendium of Olde Verse” for brass trio will be performed on the Region VI Society of Composers Conference March 25 at Kansas State University. “Light of Shadow” for solo timpani will be performed on the Great Plains College Music Society Conference March 27 at Emporia State University.

Daniel Mandell, associate professor of history, presented “‘A Natural & Unalienable Right’: The 1777 Prince Hall Petition and African American Emancipation in New England,” at the annual meeting of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850, in Charlestown, S.C., Feb. 26.

Jordi Teillard, French lecturer, has been invited to participate in the 2010 Cincinnati Conference on the Romance Languages and Literatures to present a paper entitled “Le rôle de la femme dans l’ancrage insulaire des Colons en Nouvelle-Calédonie.” The conference will take place May 7-9. With about 250 presentations from all over the United States, the Cincinnati Conference is the largest Midwest Conference in Romance Languages and Literatures after the M/MLA.

Glenn Wehner, professor of animal science, recently hosted five agricultural scientists from the country of Kazakhstan, a member of the former Soviet Union, as part of a USDA sponsored tour of livestock and meat production facilities in the United States. His presentations included overviews of the livestock and meat industry in the U.S., along with breeds of cattle and their uses in the U.S. for beef production. Students in AGSC 260-Agri Markets and Production were also treated to a presentation of meat production and marketing by these scientists.

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