Faculty Conference Success Sparks Second Event

Nearly a dozen faculty from a variety of disciplines and departments presented their research at the inaugural Truman Faculty Research Conference Sept. 12. More than 50 faculty members attended the event, which the Caucus for Faculty Scholarship sponsored in the Student Union Building Alumni Room.

Amber Johnson, professor of anthropology, chair of the Department of Society and Environment and one of the planners of the event, said the caucus organized the conference as a way for faculty to exchange ideas and share research with one another. Johnson said Truman students have outlets for scholarship, but the conference helped give faculty a similar outlet to build a community and share excitement for research and scholarship.  

Late last spring, the organizing group of Johnson, Julia DeLancey, Taner Edis, Mike Goggin, Sam Minner, Maria Nagan and Wynne Wilbur asked for abstracts. The response exceeded the group’s expectations, so the members decided to host another conference Feb. 6, 2010.

Johnson said the conference proved a new and exciting outlet for faculty and helped create academic exchange between a supportive community of scholars.

Faculty members Edis, Goggin, Warren Gooch with Jesse Krebs and Yukari Yano, Rob Graber, Rebecca Harrison, Jan Grow-Maienza, Jason Miller, John Quinn, Marc Rice, Linda Seidel and Tim Walston presented their works.

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