Recycling Center Updates Services

Beginning March 1, the Truman Recycling Center will be operating under some new procedures and will expand its services to include recycling electronic equipment.

Truman’s Recycling Center will continue to provide free recycling to the campus and the community, but users will now be required to sort their materials before they are dropped off or when they are delivered to the Recycling Center.

Howard Worcester, director of the Recycling Center, said as residents have become more environmentally concerned, the demand for outlets such as the Recycling Center has grown.

“The last six months the volume has increased so much we just can’t keep up with it,” he said. “People are becoming more eco-conscious.”

With any change, there is always an adjustment period, but Worcester hopes this will not deter any residents from bringing their items to the Center whenever possible.

“Based upon the high volume of materials we receive, it is clear the Center is valued,” he said. “We just need the users to now help us sort the materials so we can keep up with the demand.”

Another change at the Recycling Center is residents will be able to drop off old electronic equipment, such as computers, printers and televisions, all free of charge. Worcester said some outlets charge as much as $20 to take similar items.

In addition to cardboard, aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, plastic milk jugs and water bottles, Truman’s Recycling Center is also the only outlet in Kirksville that accepts glass bottles. The glass is crushed and sold at the Center for $5 per ton. It has also been used in City construction projects and on campus.

Truman’s Recycling Center, located on LaHarpe Street, opened in January 2002. The Center’s hours are Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. For more information about the Center and the materials it processes, call 785.7672.

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