Economics Students Publish Articles

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Economics students Lauren Frazier, Thaddeus Meadows and Warren Barge, along with graduate Caroline Wright, recently published articles through the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Frazier, who is currently interning at the AIER, published a solo article, “The Zoning Laws Cometh for Dollar General,” in June. During the spring semester, she published three articles with David Gillette, professor of economics. Together, they addressed central banking, health care and price discrimination.

Meadows, who is also interning at the AIER this summer, collaborated with Gillette on the topic of economic development in their article “How Does a Region Rust Away?” published in March. Meadows also published a solo article during his internship, “I Owe my Economics to Robert Heinlein,” on the topic of economics education and his own personal journey with the subject.

Last fall, Gillette and Barge began work on their article “Downsizing the Administrative State,” which was completed remotely while Barge interned in Washington, D.C., and published in April.

Wright, who graduated in May and is now working in the global compliance and reporting services division of RSM, the fifth-largest consulting firm in the United States, worked with Gillette on two articles. One examined current economic trends in regard to lending, while a second explored how markets can aid in rhino survival in the wild.

Much of the work on these articles began last fall as a result of Gillette’s fellowship at AIER in summer 2022. All of these students – with the exception of Barge who was completing an internship in Washington, D.C. – presented their work at the Student Research Conference. Economics students Heidi Royer and Emma Rohrbach also participated in the SRC in April.