May 2009 Interim and Internships Available in China

Students will have an opportunity to spend two weeks in Hong Kong and Shuizhai in a professional exchange setting or spend a semester in Shuizhai assisting English teachers.

During the May Interim of 2009, students will be able to travel to Hong Kong and Shuizhai in the province of Guangdong with Janice Grow, professor of education, and Charles Frost, lecturer in justice systems.

Students will spend two weeks touring local museums and businesses, studying the history of Hakka in Southwest China and interacting one-on-one with English and mathematics teachers and secondary students as part of a service-learning opportunity in Shuizhai.

An informational meeting regarding this opportunity will take place at 4:30 p.m. Dec. 4 in Violette Hall 2351.

Students will be enrolled in CHN 330/530G and will receive three hours of undergraduate or graduate credit. Students also have an opportunity to spend an entire semester abroad in Shuizhai, where they will be assisting in the teaching of English. Students can receive up to 12 hours of undergraduate credit.
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