Introducing Gallery 1/33, Truman’s Newest, Most Innovative Art Exhibition Space

Located within a standard student locker in a hallway in Ophelia Parrish, the dimensions of Gallery 1/33 are 24 inches high, 12 inches wide and 17 inches deep. The premise of Gallery 1/33 is that any space can be a location for exhibition if it is treated with according respect, creativity and invention.

Gallery 1/33 is run by a Student Board of Directors with a faculty contact. Its scale is manageable enough for students to learn how to curate, advertise, install and promote exhibitions. It’s a valuable opportunity for work that may be dealing with large-scale installation ideas, worked out in a small format. It’s a wonderful site-specific challenge for all art-making disciplines and includes curating and display opportunities for student art historians.

Gallery 1/33’s first exhibit will be “Microcosm,” a group exhibition addressing large, expansive concepts within a small, specific environment. “Microcosm” is curated by student artists Jessica Endaya, James Lang, Peter McEvoy and Matthew James. The opening reception will take place at 6 p.m. April 2 in Ophelia Parrish, second level art locker hallway, near room 2220.

Gallery 1/33 is sponsored by the Department of Art at Truman State University. For additional information, contact Emily Booth at
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