Professional Development Institute Inaugural Class set to Start Fall 2008

The smooth transition to a successful life after college requires more than academic skills. Topics that might arise during this life changing time range from business etiquette, repaying student loans and negotiating benefits packages to identity theft, car insurance and work-life balance. No matter what a student’s future career is, he/she will be faced with many unforeseen challenges. The Professional Development Institute (PDI), a highly selective program developed and coordinated by Polly Matteson, Career Center career coordinator, is a collaborative effort to help students prepare for their after college experience. Employers nationwide have commented that these life skills are where all college students are most unprepared.

The PDI consists of workshops, guest speakers, and innovative activities on highly varied topics. Students who demonstrate a desire to grow professionally, have leadership potential and a motivation to participate in the program are strong candidates for selection. Successful completion of the two-year program will be notated on the co-curricular transcript. Matteson said she feels strongly that employers will recognize and appreciate the value of this program when recruiting Truman students.

All sophomores have an opportunity to apply for admission to PDI with the application deadline set for March 15. Check the Professional Development Institute Web site at for a more in-depth description of the program and the application process. If you have further questions, contact Matteson at
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