Intramural Recreational Sports and Instructional Programs

The interim schedule can be found in the PDF version of this week's issue of the Truman Today.

Class Descriptions

Flex Your Body - Flex Your Body is a full body toning class. People will be able to enhance their personal results by attending this challenge packed 55-minute class.

Step - A cardio step aerobics routine will be followed by exercises targeting the abdominals and low back.
All levels of participants are encouraged to attend.

Yoga-lates - A perfect blend of yoga and pilates to increase strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and improve posture.

Intramural Information
2-on-2 Tournament - The 2-on-2 Tournament will be played from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Teams will be formed by participants and entered via e-mail. Pre-tournament games will be played Dec. 18 and 20; with a double elimination tournament to follow. All games will be officiated according to rules published by Missouri State High School Activities Association.

Drop-in Basketball - Drop-in Basketball will be played, administrated and officiated by those who are participating in the event.
Badminton Tournament - Badminton Tournament will begin with pre-tournament games Dec. 19. Following these games a double elimination tournament will take place Jan. 9.

To sign up for these events e-mail Scott Wagner at

Winner of both the 2-on-2 tournament and the badminton tournament will receive Truman State University Intramural Championship shirts.

Check out the Student Recreation Center Web site at for more details and upcoming events.
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