Sarah Bloch, a senior biology major, presented her research with Barbara Kramer, associate professor of chemistry, at the International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology Aug. 7 in Houston, Texas. Her poster titled “Study of Safe Soil Amendments to Enhance Lead Phytoremediation” was selected for top honors from among posters given by faculty and graduate students from around the world. Bloch’s research was funded by Truman’s NSF Next-STEP program and the VPAA Alumni Stipend.
Gregory Jones, professor of music, traveled to the Greek island of Corfu in July to teach in the 5th Ionian Academy of Music. Jones joined members of the Royal Concertgebow Orchestra, the Austrian Mnozil Brass, and internationally acclaimed trombone soloist Christian Lindberg in offering a series of brass masterclasses and performances for students and the public. This seminar attracted student participants from Europe, the Middle East, America, and Canada, among them, Truman sophomore trumpet major, Paul Hermanson.

Joaquin Maldonado-Class, associate professor of Spanish, presented a paper titled “Rigoberta Menchu: entre la guerra civil y las guerras culturales” at the First International Congress “Desmarginalizacion de las tendencias literarias y linguisticas en America” celebrated at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Unidad de Postgrado) Lima, Peru.

Marc Rice, associate professor of musicology, presented a lecture titled “Ethnomusicology and Fieldwork in Louisiana” at the Universidade Federal da Bahia in Salvador, Brazil in June.
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