Truman’s United Way Campaign Kicks Off

Truman’s United Way Campaign kicked off Aug. 24. All faculty and staff members received information about the campaign in their campus mailboxes. The United Way thanks everyone who has already contributed. If you have any questions, please contact Teri Heckert at or Brad Chambers at During the campaign, Heckert and Chambers will answer FAQs in the Truman Today.

Below is one question that they heard last year:
Q: “If I’m already giving to one of the United Way agencies, is there any reason to instead give through the United Way?”

A: Heckert and her husband had the same question. They used to give directly to Victim Support Services (VSS). The United Way raises more money for VSS than VSS could raise on its own. As a result, when people give through the United Way, when they contribute to this fund-raising effort; they are part of the bigger picture. In addition, they love the convenience of payroll deduction, which is an option when giving through the United Way. 
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