Students Awarded GIASR

The following projects are recipients of the Grants-In-Aid-of-Scholarship and Research.

Function of the degA gene in Bacillus subtilis Fitspiration
Student: Sarah Evans
Mentor: Joyce Patrick

Social Media: a Qualitative Exploration into Perspectives and Online Experiences of College Women

Student: Avery Chancellor
Mentor: Kristin Welker

Social competencies of elementary school students before and after a social-emotional learning-focuses bullying prevention intervention in an out-of-school setting
Student: Taylor Cichon
Mentor: Carol Cox

Tick Distribution and Abundance in Missouri

Student: Dravid Paiva
Mentor: Carolina Semperegui

Comparison between active vocal cool-down and passive cool-down in a cappella singers
Student: Gretchen Sadler
Mentor: Julia Edgar

Virtual Screening of Potential Inhibitors of APOBEC3B: a Promising Cancer Drug Target
Student” Zachary Smith
Mentor: Bill Miller

Life cycle timing of field caught adult Dermacentor variabilis using physiological aging

Student: Grace Steck
Mentor: Stephanie Fore

Argonne National Laboratory Trip to Confirm My Research Results before Graduation
Student: Patrick Sullivan
Mentor: Tim Humphry

Change in nursing student attitudes toward interprofessional education and towards seniors before and after senior healthcare – focused interprofessional education program
Student: Cassidy Myers
Mentor: Pam Melvin
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