Jon Beck, associate professor of computer science, presented two papers in Cincinnati recently at the 38th SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education. The first was titled “Forming a Women’s Computer Science Support Group.” The second, co-authored by Brent Buckner and Diane Janick-Buckner, professors of biology, and alumna Olga Niklova, was titled “Using Interdisciplinary Bioinformatics Undergraduate Research to Recruit and Retain Computer Science Students.”

Jon Beck, associate professor of computer science; Brent Buckner, professor of biology; and Diane Janick-Buckner, professor of biology; had their article titled “Involving Undergraduates in the Annotation and Analysis of Global Gene Expression Studies: Creation of a Maize Shoot Apical Meristem Expression Database” accepted for publication in the journal Genetics. Co-authors on this article include Kate Browning, a senior biology major from Columbia, Mo.; Ashleigh Fritz, a senior biology major from Kansas City, Mo.; Eneda Hoxha, a junior biology and psychology double major from Tirana, Albania; and Zhian Kamvar, a senior biology major from Cupertino, Calif.; as well as alumnae Lisa Grantham, Ashley Lough and Olga Nikolova. The manuscript describes research that was supported by the following NSF grants: “Functional Analyses of Genes Involved in Meristem Organization and Leaf Initiation” and “Research-Focused Learning Communities in Mathematical Biology.”

Robin Becker, instructor of English,
recently had her short story “How Roller Coasters Work: Henry and Midge” accepted for publication in the 2007 issue of The Griffin.

Gina Cook, a senior music pre-M.A.E. major from Raytown, Mo.; Jessica Gasch, an English and French double major from St. Peter’s Mo.; Emily Murdock, an English pre-M.A.E. major from Spring Hill, Kan.; and Allison Schlobohm, a senior communication major from Florissant, Mo.; each received Summer Research Grants of up to $2,000 from the Division of Language and Literature. Under faculty tutelage, these students will use the funds to complete original research in the areas of communication, English and linguistics for the 2008 Student Research Conference.

Thomas Stewart, assistant professor of English and linguistics, along with Gregory Stump of the University of Kentucky, has published “Paradigm Function Morphology and the Morphology/Syntax Interface,” a chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Interfaces from Oxford University Press.
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