Students Receive GIASR for Projects

The following projects are recipients of the Grants-In-Aid-of-Scholarship and Research.

Effects of Assortative Mating in North American Barn Swallow (hirundo rustica erythrogaster)
Student: Gerard Moranville
Mentor: Joanna Hubbard

Influence of Human-Made Noise on Insect Communication
Student: Kathryn Posto
Mentor: Michael Kuczynski

The effects of utilizing traditional phonological awareness intervention approaches with a Spanish-speaking child

Student: Emma Huels
Mentor: Kelsey Aurand de Razo

The O’Connell Effect in Eclipsing Binary Stars

Student: Andrew Neugarten
Mentor: Vayujeet Gokhale

A brief, out-of-school-based, early substance abuse prevention intervention for elementary-aged children

Student: Marissa Leong
Mentor: Carol Cox

Change in interprofessional collaborative competencies of faculty interprofessional education leaders across two medical school campuses
Student: Cassidy Myers
Mentor: Pam Melvin

Analysis of the AAC1, AAC2, and AAC3 Gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Student: Brody Aubry
Mentor: Carolina Sempertequi-Sosa

24 Hour Survey In Search of Nymphal Dermacentor variabilis

Student: Zachary Burton
Mentor: Stephanie Fore

In Influence of Landscape of Genetic Divergence of the Prairie Ring-necked Snake (diadophis punctatus arnyi) in Missouri

Student: Maria Degano
Mentor: Chad Montgomery
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